> Dear Client(s), Supplier(s) and Partner(s),
Taking into consideration the current context of the Covid-19 pandemic, SAYDO has implemented a Contingency Plan that establishes a set of preventive measures, in line with the recommendations of the World Health Organization, the Directorate General of Health and our Government and which aims to: - Guarantee the provision of our services; - Mitigate risks to the health of our Employees, Clients, Suppliers and the Community in general.

In particular, our central services which are located in Ovar city, a municipality also in a state of calamity due to the Covid-19.
We have been forced to stop all shipments until further notice.

This way the online store www.saydo-shoes.com will be inactive for indefinite purchases. You can still visit it to know our products and make your wish list.

>> We increase the deadline of returns indefinitely for orders placed from March 1st.
We are all together! And we will come out reinforced of this situation.
Until then, we must be responsible and not lose control.
Thank you for your understanding and stay home, please!