A new dimension of lightweight is launching in Autumn '18.

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A new dimension of lightweight

By combining innovative constructions, premium materials and timeless silhouettes, Saydo redefines the approach to comfortable footwear.

Innovative technologies

Saydo is the first brand worldwide that merges stitch & turn techniques with EVA soles. 

Redefining comfort

Innovations are the foundations to enable outstanding levels of comfort through a mix of our brand codes: lightweight, flexibility, softness & fit.

Our Brand Codes


Up to 50% weight reduction

Extremely lightweight designs are achieved through the use of a innovative EVA soles, which cushion the foot while being light & flexible.


All our shoes are stitched from the inside out. Through this ’stitch & turn’ technique we can achieve extra levels of flexibility while the custom-made EVA compound ensures extra grip and low abrasion.

Softness & Great Fit

By crafting all our uppers in real leathers, we achieve an incredible soft hand-feel. But softness does not stop on the upper: our specialised sole constructions also allow us to avoid the use of any hard parts or metal.

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